How to Finish the Christian Life

The second half of life is not what it used to be. People are living longer and retiring later, but often without a vision for this part of the journey. This is a book about following Jesus in the second half — about how to finish the Christian life.


Steve Brown, author of “Three Free Sins” and “Scandalous Freedom,” Bible teacher, talk show host on Key Life radio, and professor emeritus at Reformed Theological Seminary

“What a wonderful, helpful and wise book! I’m an old, cynical preacher and this book makes me less cynical and far more wise about my life and my own journey to the ‘finish line.’ But this isn’t just a book for old folks. It’s a book about life and how to live it. Read it and give it to everyone you know!”

Dr. Larry Crabb, author, speaker, counselor/psychologist

“Only Christians can fully live now until we’re fully alive then! With uncomfortable realism and unflinching hope, the Sweetings show us how.”

Pat Williams, senior vice president of the Orlando Magic and author of “Leadership Excellence”

“My longtime friend George Sweeting and his son, Don, have teamed up to write a spiritual gem on how to finish the Christian life. At age 72, the book hit home with me big time. That’s why I finished it in one sitting.”