World Changers

image of earth from space
Chapel 01.17.19 – World Changers Great, good morning everybody. Happy New Year. Come on, Happy New Year, you’re awake, right? I hope you had…

Grace and Truth

Colorado Christian University Grace and Truth
Chapel 08.30.2018 – Grace and Truth Transcript: University mottoes fascinate me. They bear a silent witness to the original faith and motivation of a…

World Changer/1 Timothy 4:12

An animated picture of the world surrounded by four people "working" on changing it.. Some are watering it, some are up on scaffolding, others are working on phones.
Chapel 01.19.2017- World Changer/ 1 Timothy 4:12 Transcript: I remember Bill Armstrong, our former president, would often walk on the campus and he would…